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PEAKOSIL Monophase is released!

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Date2016-09-20 14:05 Hit3,121


PEAKOSIL Monophase is released!
Medium bodied dental impression material, which is used for "Single-step Technique" with one consistency.
It can be used like both Light Body & Heavy Body.
Medium consistency.

1.High hydrophilicity and ideal flow, enable to realize precise impression with every detail.
2.Compatibility with products of the other manufacturers, is excellent.
3.After hardened, its proper hardness minimizes negative deformation.
4.Smooth mixing & easy injection reduce fatigue of its user.
5.Suggested to be used for Monophase Technique(Single-step Technique). However it can be used for other impression techniques because of its good versatility.

50ml = 25ml Base + 25ml Catalyst / 1 Unit
4 Unit / 1 Box

<Technical Data>
Working Time : =< 1min.
Setting Time : => 4min.
Hardness : Shore A 62
Color : Green
Consistency : Type2(Medium)

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