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PEAKOSIL Bite is released!

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Date2014-04-17 11:46 Hit1,051


NEOSIL completed the development of PEAKOSIL Bite(which is a bite registration material) and released it.

Director Park Dongmin(Chief of R&D) showed his confidence in PEAKOSIL Bite explaining following strong points.



-Minimizes negative modification of shape because of its great hardness(93 shore A)

-Best material property : User can get precise impression at one go. Because patient doesn’t feel any irritation during her bite and it’s very easy to be used for injection.

-It materializes good flow and high thixotropy at the same time. So it hardly dribbles after being set.

-Is already well received by dental technicians as “It is suitable for MES and BUR operations during trimming.”

-Best development result that has been improved perfectly by numerous sampling researches cooperated with 60 dental clinics, which took 1 year.

-Suprisingly high end qualty for its price : Its quality is equal to that of global premium brand products but it costs moderately. 

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